Pokémon Go Fest 2020 is finally upon us, and with it comes the opportunity to catch the psychic-type Pokémon Elgyem for the very first time.

Elgyem will make its debut in Pokémon Go in time for Enigma Week – on the condition that players manage to beat the requisite number of Global Challenges during Go Fest.

The process of actually getting this new Pokémon can be a little confusing, as it involves actions from Go Fest affecting spawn rates in two weeks’ time.

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How to catch Elgyem in Pokémon Go

Elgyem will be available to catch or hatch from 7km eggs from August 7 onwards. It will appear more frequently during Enigma Week, until August 14, but only for Pokémon Go Fest participants.

Technically, Elgyem’s Pokémon Go debut is not yet set in stone. To unlock Enigma Week, players around the world have to complete a set number of Global Challenges during Go Fest.

That said, in previous years Niantic has deliberately set the bar for these Global Challenges low, so that it’s not too difficult for players to achieve the required thresholds.

How to unlock Enigma Week through Global Challenges

Unlocking Enigma Week and the ability to catch Elgyem in Pokémon Go is a group effort. During Pokémon Go Fest, players globally need to complete 16 hourly Global Challenges. These are small tests of a player’s skills, and can involve anything from catching Pokémon to battling.

There are 32 Global Challenges in total across Go Fest 2020. As this is a team effort from players around the world, it’s not necessary to participate in all of these challenges to unlock Elgyem.

That said, the more work you put into completing Global Challenges during Pokémon Go Fest 2020, the better position you’ll be in to catch Elgyem.

Once Pokémon Go Fest is over, if Enigma Week is unlocked (which it almost certainly will be), catching Elgyem will be a matter of luck from August 7 onwards. Your best chance comes from playing during Enigma Week, but if you don’t grab Elgyem at this time, the Pokémon will still hang around after the even is over.

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