Joe Rogan has been officially replaced as a commentator in the upcoming UFC 4 game, but why has DC taken over in the commentary booth?

When UFC 4 releases next month, most players will instantly notice that one iconic voice of the sport is missing from the gaming experience…Joe Rogan.

From legendary lines from fights to the expert breakdown of technique and hilarious analysis on JRE fight companions, Rogan is an icon of MMA commentary.

However, Rogan will not appear, or rather his voice won’t be heard, in the upcoming UFC game – but why?

UFC 4 – Official Gameplay Trailer | PS4

UFC 4 – Official Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Why is Joe Rogan not a commentator in UFC 4?

  • Joe Rogan has not provided his voice to the commentary team on UFC 4 because he “hates doing it.”

Rogan has previously discussed how he hasn’t enjoyed providing voice-overs for previous UFC video games on his hit podcast series, JRE.

Speaking to Gamespot, Creative Director Brian Hayes said: “He was open with us from the very beginning that he hated his experience of doing voice-over on previous iterations of other UFC games, and things were no different for us.

“He hated doing voice-over on these games as well. That has nothing to do with us in particular, or, you know, our games versus other games. He just does not like sitting in a booth reading lines for hours at a time.” – Brian Hayes.

Hayes goes on to say: “If you’re not a person that [can] mentally get into that space, then I can see how it could be a very, you know, challenging, potentially mind-numbing experience for a certain type of individual.”

Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC

Who now does the commentary on UFC 4?

  • In UFC 4, Joe Rogan has been replaced by former Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight world champion, Daniel ‘DC’ Cormier.

DC has been part of the commentary team for a number of years now and in that time, has provided expert breakdown and analysis to countless events. The former world champion will join fellow legend of the commentary booth Jon Anik, who also featured in the previous UFC 3 title.

However, DC is also part of a team of five main ‘fighting-commentators’ that include Michael Bisping, Dominick Cruz, Dan Hardy and Paul Felder. Personally, I would love it if these other iconic voices of the sport were also added to the commentary team on UFC 4.

Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Will Joe Rogan be a fighter in UFC 4?

  • At the time of writing, we don’t know whether Joe Rogan will be a playable fighter in the upcoming UFC 4 game.

We all remember that UFC 3 had some interesting additions to the game from the real-world MMA community, including UFC President Dana White and veteran voice of the octagon Bruce Buffer.

However, some will remember that you could also play as Joe Rogan in the game. Gamers could unlock Rogan by ending a fight in Knockout Mode with a spinning back-kick, check out the video below.

We don’t currently know if these non-fighter icons of MMA will make their way inside the octagon for UFC 4, but we will bring you updates as soon as official information is announced.

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