Uncle Roger has become a hero after fried rice reaction video goes viral on Twitter. Give it a watch here and check out more of his stuff.

Some videos are simply too good not to share.

Over the years, we’ve seen so many hilarious clips go viral, shared across social media countless times, destined to be quoted endlessly.

At the moment, it’s clear that we could all use a bit of cheering up, so videos like these are arguably more important than ever.

Fortunately, Twitter has recently championed a reaction video from Uncle Roger, who weighs in on the BBC Food instructional video for cooking egg fried rice.

The character of Uncle Roger is a creation from Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng, who is based in the UK.

After seeing this, you’ll be completely taken with his comedic stylings…

still from “Uncle Roger DISGUSTED by this Egg Fried Rice Video (BBC Food)”, mrnigelng

Uncle Roger: Fried rice reaction video

“This is not pasta!”

Essentially, the video sees Uncle Roger watching the video and poking fun at how wrong he feels the cooking of the rice is.

There are so many great moments peppered throughout the video and he pretty much breaks down every step of the process.

The very best moment comes when a colander is brought in to drain the rice: “If your rice too wet, you f***ed up, don’t bring colander into your rice cooking!”

You can watch the video down below:

Twitter is in love with it!

The video is being hailed on Twitter and continues to reach thousands more as we speak.

As you’d expect, there are plenty of reactions to the reaction video itself.

Check out a selection of tweets:

Hungry for more?

If you’re keen to check out more from Uncle Roger – and why wouldn’t you – then it’s definitely worth following him on Twitter.

You can find him over at @MrNigelNg; he currently has 27k followers.

Additionally, you can also check out his Youtube channel and his podcast here.

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