Somehow it became acceptable for people under the age of 60 to be doing crosswords and riddles in lockdown and we’re now addicted! This riddle has a very true and motivational answer, which is a message to treat people how you wish to be treated!

Some of you may have had a light-bulb moment when it comes to the baffling riddle; ‘what increases the more you share it with others?’ Then again, most of you probably haven’t 💡.

You’ve come to the right place if you just can’t seem to crack it and are ready to impress others with your riddle-solving skills. Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone we gave you the answer!

The riddle to try and solve:

What increases the more you share it with others?

Explained: ‘What increases the more you share it with others’?

The answer is, Joy.

Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

The more happiness and joy that you share with people, the more this emotion increases – not only within you but within other people too.

Sharing joy with people is bound to make them feel equally joyful, they may also share this with other people, a chain that goes on and on and is hard to break!

Psychology has proven this riddle to be a fact!

Many scientists have undertaken experiments to measure just how contagious joy is.

The concept that joy increases once shared can be proved in this video by a group called ‘happiness with rituals’.

It displays one man whos starts laughing at a tram stop, and then other people around him join in completely unprovoked. Truly showing that happiness increases the more you share it with others.

Try and make someone’s day today by teasing them with this riddle and having a laugh – it’s contagious!

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