Yesterday’s Xbox Series X showcase event was a fantastic showing. There were plenty of games announced and shown off including a new fantasy RPG from Obsidian named Avowed. However, in addition to new surprises, there were also older games that we’ve been waiting years for such as Psychonauts 2. The Psychonauts 2 trailer was an acid trip that featured an incredible song from Jack Black, and some people are wondering if the Tenacious D singer is actually in the game and what the trailer’s song is called.

The problem with Psychonauts 2 is that it has been delayed to 2021. This is disappointing for those of us who had it billed as their most anticipated game of the year. But, in better news, the game is still coming out for PS4 despite Microsoft’s acquisition of Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions.

It’s obviously disappointing that the platformer isn’t coming out until next year, but at least we have Jack Black to look forward to as well as great trailer song to repeatedly bless our ears with.

Is Jack Black in Psychonauts 2?

Yes, Jack Black is in Psychonauts 2.

Jack Black will be in one of the many Psychonauts 2 levels as the voice for the Mote of Light.

Throughout the Brain In a Jar trailer, Razputin is accompanied by a shiny dot of light. This appears to be the Tenacious D singer.

As for the level itself, it’s a huge acid trip which will massively excite fans of the original game. Some could feel that it’s maybe too close to the original, but this won’t be an issue for most fans as players have simply begged for more quirky levels and platforming.

It looks beautiful, it appears to be as clever, witty, and creative as ever before, and it looks like a jamming good time.

Double Fine Productions

What is the trailer song for Psychonauts 2?

The trailer song for Psychonauts 2 is an original piece performed by Jack Black.

But, while Jack Black is the voice behind the trailer song, the lyrics were written by the game’s composer, Peter McConnell.

You can check out a version of the Brain In a Jar trailer with Jack Black behind the scenes over on CNET‘s YouTube channel.  

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