He’s back on screens but who is Jacob Elordi dating now? Let’s dive into The Kissing Booth actor’s dating life, past and present.

The rom-com genre has been graced with some cherished Netflix hits over the years, with The Kissing Booth being a popular favourite.

Directed by Vince Marcello and starring the likes of Joey King, Jacob Elordi, Joel Courtney and Molly Ringwald, the film arrived in 2018 and a sequel has been anticipated ever since.

Now, the adaptation of Beth Reekles The Kissing Booth 2: Going the Distance has arrived and fans are thrilled to welcome Jacob Elordi back onto screens.

The 23-year-old heartthrob reprised the role of Noah and encounters more dating issues, but let’s take a moment to consider the star’s real-life romances….

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Who is Jacob Elordi dating now?

  • Although he’s not officially dating anyone, it’s rumoured that he may be seeing 23-year-old American actress Zendaya.

The pair co-starred together in the acclaimed HBO series Euphoria.

As highlighted by Bustle, the rumours began circulating in 2019 when they were photographed together at the series’ premiere.

Of course, this was hardly a concrete indication of a romantic relationship, but fans began to speculate further when they were spotted on vacation in Greece back August 2019.

Those who suspected romance had their theories dashed this January when she presented him with the Rising Star honor at the American Australian Association Arts Awards, referring to him as her “best friend.” Additionally, he spoke about Zendaya in a GQ interview, claiming that she’s “like my sister”, which shut down people’s hopes entirely.

On the other hand, a later sighting suggests this may not be the case at all, with Bustle reporting that the couple were allegedly seen sharing a kiss in New York City back in February.

According to Elle, he planted a kiss atop her head and took snaps of her throughout the day.

He used to date The Kissing Booth’s Joey King

Zendaya isn’t the only co-star he’s dated…

Bustle also reported that Jacob used to be in a relationship with The Kissing Booth’s Joey King (she played Elle).

They often appeared on one another’s Instagram and were usually photographed together at events.

However, they appeared to break up after the pictures of her vanished from his Instagram account.

The break-up was rather private because he then decided to take a break from social media. When discussing his reasons, the source notes that Jacob told ET:

“The fact that somebody you don’t know knows your name could be quite disembodying. Whatever people are talking about [on social media] is not your business, it’s kind of how it feels. Unfortunately, it just has my name involved in it but it literally has nothing to do with me. It just doesn’t affect the trajectory of my life. So I just kind of ignore it.”

There were also rumours in the summer of 2019 that he was dating Cari Flowers, a model. These were sparked by pictures of them on Instagram, one of which featured them sharing a kiss. On the other hand, they’re no longer there and the rumours gave way to spotlight on him and Zendaya.

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