After the news that IWillDominate has been banned from the League Partner Program for a year, fans wonder why is that.

Streamers have continued to make headlines over bans or controversial posts, however, there’s an interesting case going on with one particular online player.

Streamer Christian Rivera, aka IWillDominate, has been left baffled over his suspension from the League Partner Program.

Christian has been removed from the program for one year and no longer has the streaming benefits such as his access to League Unlocked.

So, what happened?

IWillDominate, Christian Rivera on YouTube

Why was IWillDominate banned?

According to an email sent to the streamer, LLP has banned him after he “shared sentiments and comments with the community” that the program “can’t tolerate or endorse”.

In a Twitter post, Christian shared a screenshot of the email he received, which said:

“We can’t make exceptions as it relates to targeted toxicity, sexism, or racially offensive jokes. These are areas where we need to raise our expectations for partners, not lower them.

“As you were already on probation from the program and have behaved in this way consistently over time, this decision is now up for debate.”

IWillDominate talks suspension

Christian has defended himself, revealing that he’s doesn’t know what comments have led to his ban from LLP.

He tweeted:

“They will not tell me specifically because they don’t want my ban to be ‘up for debate’. The most likely reason that I was banned from LCS Co-Streaming was because of the painting nails comment that I made in a game earlier this season.”

Meanwhile, in a live Twitch stream, he said that he will try to get to the bottom of his suspension.

“I’m going to try and talk to them. This is something I’ve changed all my content around,” he said. “This is something I love doing. It’s what I’m passionate about going forward. I want to see why this happened.”

Fans react on social media

The streamer received a lot of messages and reactions from his Twitter followers.

Many have said that the LLP should give a clear explanation about his suspension and address what he did to get banned.

Check out some reactions below.

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