FIFA 21 will be coming out relatively soon and yesterday EA uploaded a reveal trailer. Unfortunately, this reveal trailer was rather disappointing as it was more style over substance as actual gameplay was largely replaced by footballers just goofing about. However, while the reveal trailer was underwhelming for those who care about gameplay as opposed to what footballers do away from the pitch, EA have  announced some new and possibly exciting features and changes for career mode.

There’s a lot riding on the career mode of FIFA 21 as last year’s instalment was massively ruined by a glitch which resulted in the best teams fielding their weakest side. This resulted in an unrealistic Premier League table where Liverpool could finish in the bottom half rather than first, but there were also other issues such as your custom manager being asked the same three questions and constantly being told you’re unbeaten for the season when you’re clearly not.

But, with last year’s instalment having come and now gone for many of us, here’s hoping the new features and changes announced by EA will fix the problems and revamp the mode.

FIFA 21 career mode features

EA have announced new features for career mode in FIFA 21, and arguably the most exciting is the Interactive Match Sim.

The Interactive Match Sim’s appearance is clearly inspired by Football Manager, but the FIFA 21 career mode feature will allow you to play key moments such as penalties and free kicks.

You’ll also be able to monitor match data such as stats and remaining stamina for your players, and this will help inform decisions you can make such as substitutes.

As well as the Interactive Match Sim, there’s also another new feature for FIFA 21 career mode named Match Sharpness. This is a new attribute for your players which indicates how well and likely your players are to perform during the most crucial moments of a match.

This attribute can be improved with a new Active Training System that will allow you to increase the likelihood of your striker scoring big chances as opposed to blowing them over the top.

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What changes are there for FIFA 21’s career mode?

One of the announced changes for the career mode of FIFA 21 is enhanced transfer realism.

Thanks to this change and refinement, you’ll be able to make Loan to Buy offers with optional or mandatory future transfer fees.

And, for those who admire the Man City approach of a lower-end team discovering the cheque book, you’ll also be able to boost your team’s starting transfer budget to easily win everything under a financial takeover. Either that or you can do things the more rewarding and challenging way with Authentic Transfers.

Lastly, the opposition AI is also said to be enhanced. This will reportedly result in opponents approaching matches with more intelligence up front as well as at the back.

Source: EA

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