Yesterday’s Xbox Series X showcase was a fantastic event that showed a lot of titles. From the announcement of Obsidian’s new Skyrim-like RPG to the re-emergence of Stalker 2, there was plenty to get excited about for the next-gen. However, seeing as Microsoft did say that players wouldn’t need to upgrade to the next-generation for two years, lots of people are wondering whether Playground Games’ Fable reboot will be on Xbox One.

Rather than Fable 4, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X showcase simply ended with a Fable reboot named after the series. No number, no unique name, just the IP’s title. There also wasn’t a lot of information provided by the trailer as all we received was CG footage which showed a cute fairy get devoured by a hideous frog.

Still, despite only the above description being shown, lots of people are understandably excited about Playground Games’ rebirth of the franchise. But, is it coming to Xbox One?

Is the Fable Reboot coming to Xbox One?

The Fable reboot is not listed for Xbox One.

Instead of including the Xbox One, Playground Games’ Fable reboot is only listed for Xbox Series X and PC.

This suggests that it will only be coming to Microsoft’s next-gen console as opposed to their current system.

If this happens to be the case, then some Microsoft gamers will be annoyed as Phil Spencer did say that they wouldn’t force consumers into upgrading.

Spencer said that Microsoft gamers wouldn’t need to upgrade to the Xbox Series X for a couple of years, and this is because new games from Xbox Game Studios should be available on Xbox One as well (via The Verge).

However, the Medium isn’t listed for Xbox One, nor is Obsidian’s Avowed. And it appears that the Fable reboot won’t be on the current-generation either.


Fable reboot could be an MMO

In addition to not being on the Xbox One, there’s also a rumour that Playground Games’ Fable reboot is an MMO.

This rumour comes courtesy of a French journalist who accurately predicted the entire Xbox Series X showcase (per Gamesradar).

Although his success at accurately predicting the Xbox Series X showcase doesn’t confirm that the Fable reboot is an MMO, it does lend the journalist major credibility.

So, rather than a sequel to Fable 3 or a single-player standard RPG without a number, it appears as though Playground Games’ instalment will be an MMO based in Lionhead’s universe.

If this happens to be true, then it’ll be interesting to see how the community reacts as they’ve been desperate for a standard sequel.

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