The David Haye face mask has arrived, so here’s where to buy. Here is the range of sizes and prices currently available to customers.

Masks are now the new normal.

As highlighted by the BBC, face coverings are now compulsory in England and fines of up to £100 can be handed out by police to those who refuse to obey the new rules.

They’ll need to be worn in public places like supermarkets, banks, takeaways and so forth.

A number of retailers have expressed division over the rules, with some arguing that they’ll strictly enforce it while others have said they won’t challenge customers who aren’t wearing them.

There has been some debate regarding which masks are the comfiest and offer the best protection.

Now, a new contender for the best and most affordable has entered the competition…

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David Haye face mask: Where to buy

They are available in the following sizes:

  • Standard (fits 80% of adults)
  • Small adult/teen
  • XL (2 CM extender ear loops
  • Kids (2-5 years)
  • Youth (6-12 years)

As for the price of a standard mask, it’s just £12.50. However, considering you can get around 30 washes in total, you may want to save money and go with a multipack deal.

The prices for multiple masks are listed below:

  • 3 masks £34.50 (£11.50 per mask 8% saving)
  • 6 masks £66 (£11.00 per mask 12% saving)
  • 9 masks £94.50 (£10.50 per mask 16% saving)
  • 12 masks £114 (£9.50 per mask 24% saving

The kids masks also start at £12.50. Be sure to head over to the website and take a look.

What makes them so special?

As reported by the Evening Standard, the former boxer has unveiled masks which are said to be more comfortable to wear and protect you from potential COVID droplets.

They’re also washable, which helps reduce the amount of face masks currently being discarded and posing a threat to the environment.

In conversation with the Standard, David expressed:

“Every day there’s a new rule, just today I saw to pick up food from a takeaway you need to wear a mask now. If you’re going to wear a mask, get one that’s comfortable, that looks good and is affordable.”

Addressing hopes that the masks will encourage more young people to protect themselves and others, he added: “I see them walking around with medical masks, which are made for operations, not for a young person jumping on a tube or bus.

The website also includes the following benefits:

  • 3 Layer: Anti Droplet
  • Biodegradable
  • Reusable and washable 30x
  • UV resistant
  • Material: 100% eco-friendly cotton

So, if your current mask/masks simply aren’t cutting it, you know how to get a better one!

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