Cars are still not in Fortnite thanks to their arrival having been delayed by Epic Games. It was believed that cars would join Fortnite on Thursday thanks to the leaked week 6 challenges, but this obviously hasn’t come to fruition and Epic Games have officially announced that vehicles have been delayed.

No one knows when cars are finally coming to Fortnite, but Epic Games’ Twitter post does say that it’ll happen in a few weeks. With season 3 expected to end on August 27th, this could suggest that the current season will be extended.

This isn’t official as next season could arrive without a hitch, but if season 3 were to be extended it wouldn’t be surprising thanks to Epic Games’ past record. Either way, lots of fans are now becoming increasingly desperate for vehicles to finally be added.

Original story:

Fortnite season 3 of chapter 2 received update 13.30 yesterday and it was highly believed that this patch would allow players to start driving cars. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened and this has resulted in the community asking if cars are delayed. While this appears to be the case, they should be coming to season 3 very soon if the week 6 leaked challenges are to be believed.

There’s been plenty to do in Fortnite season 3 since its flooded arrival such as riding great white sharks and turning into shirtless Aquaman. However, despite all this goodness, lots of people have been desperate to know when they can start riding vehicles so they can crash into other players.

Driveable cars were rumoured for yesterday’s 13.30 update, but this didn’t come to fruition. With that being said, it appears as though vehicles are still coming to season 3 very soon.

Fortnite – Chapter 2: Season 3 – Battle Pass Gameplay Trailer| PS4

Fortnite – Chapter 2: Season 3 – Battle Pass Gameplay Trailer| PS4

Are cars delayed in Fortnite?

Cars have been delayed in Fortnite.

It was heavily rumoured that driveable cars would be added to Fortnite on July 21st, but it appears they have been delayed by Epic Games.

This is disappointing for lots of the community as driveable vehicles was arguably the most anticipated aspect of the 13.30 update.

Lots of fans have been wanting to speed around the map and crash into other players, and leakers such as iFireMonkey have even released in-depth details about driveable cars and their stats.

Small, medium, and large vehicles as well as trucks should all be added to the Battle Royale battlefield, and – if the week 6 leaked challenges are to be trusted – they’ll be added soon.

When are cars coming to Fortnite?

It’s now believed that cars will be coming to Fortnite season 3 on July 23rd.

As for why cars are rumoured to be coming to Fortnite this Thursday, it’s because of the leaked week 6 challenges for season 3.

Per Game Rant, these leaked week 6 challenges are as follows:

  • Deal damage at Rickety Rig (500) – 35,000 XP
  • Eliminations at Pleasant Park (3) – 35,000 XP
  • Land at The Authority and finish Top 25 (1) – 35,000 XP
  • Gas up a Vehicle at Catty Corner (1) – 35,000 XP
  • Catch a weapon at Stack Shack (1) – 35,000 XP
  • Search Chests (10) – 35,000 XP
  • Search Chests (100) – 80,000 XP
  • Search Ammo Boxes at Salty Springs (7) – 35,000 XP
  • Search Chests at Lazy Lake (7) – 35,000 XP

All of the above is obviously unofficial and subject to change, but the Gas up a Vehicle at Catty Corner objective suggests cars will be added for the week 6 challenges.

And these week 6 challenges should go live this Thursday.

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