You may have noticed that Yahoo have suspended all comments on their news articles – and here’s why.

Yahoo was one of the few big news sites left that actually allow you to leave comments on articles. Many companies don’t allow this, because comments sections usually result in lots of arguments, hate and online trolling.

But not anymore, because it seems that they’ve now got rid of their comments section all together. But don’t worry, it’s only temporary, and they have given a vague reason why they’ve done it.

Although social media users have their own theory too.

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Yahoo has disabled all comments on its news articles

Many online news users noticed something strange about a certain news site.

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Whilst navigating through the Yahoo news website over the past few days, lots of people have noticed that the website no longer allows people to comment on its articles.

But why did they do this? Yahoo have released a vague statement in the place that comments would usually be. But social media users have their own theory too.

Why did they suspend all comments?

If you go to what would usually be the comments section of a Yahoo article, you will find a message that reveals exactly why Yahoo removed the comment section.

It says: “Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting.”

So what does that actually mean? The suspending of commenting on articles is only temporary, so don’t worry the comment section will be back very soon and won’t be gone forever as many people assumed.

From what the statement says, it seems likely that the website is simply changing its comment section to make it a more “safe and engaging place”, arguing that it did not use to provide a good “community experience”.

Social media users have their own reason why the news site disabled comments

Although Yahoo made their own reasoning about why they have disabled comments on their articles, many social media users have their own theories too.

Many Twitter users have argued that the comments section is always full of people calling out the reporters for their biased stories, something which Yahoo probably didn’t like appearing underneath every article.

One person tweeted: “So apparently Yahoo has turned off its comments section. Probably sick of people pointing out how biased its reporter’s are.”

Whilst another said: “It amazing that Yahoo is not allowing comments after the articles they produce online anymore. They are always a “left” leaning news report- I guess that are tired of the comments that contradict their reporting.”

Whatever the reason, Yahoo’s comments section should be back soon – but you should definitely expect it to be a little different.

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