Three Wives One Husband on Netflix is dividing audiences. Some are hooked whereas others couldn’t even continue watching.

Watch anything good lately?

If you have Netflix, we’re sure a bunch of titles popped into your head. The streaming service has delivered so many gems so far this year, catering for all tastes across a range of genres.

They’ve had colossal hits with the likes of documentary series Tiger King and blockbuster favourite The Old Guard. On the other hand, some viewers have strayed onto what can be referred to as the weirder side of Netflix.

There are so many strange and lesser-known titles to be discovered, and it seems that audiences have recently stumbled upon one of them….

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Netflix: Three Wives One Husband

Three Wives One Husband is a documentary series which explores the community of Rockland Ranch, which resides out in the Utah desert.

Across the four-episode series, we centre in on numerous Mormon families who are polygamists. Essentially, they believe in being married to more than one person and having many children.

Obviously, they practise what they preach, but this causes complications.

It’s noted that the polygamy is a third-degree felony in the state of Utah. Additionally, it results in ex-communication from the Mormon church.

As for the documentary title, it refers to Abel Morrison, who due to this law is only legally married to his first spouse, Suzie; he still remains committed to Beth and Marina.

The film crew provides intriguing insight into their lives and beliefs, navigating sleeping arrangements, behavioural views and beyond.

Remembering This Morning

Reflecting back on when the series was initially released, the Mirror notes that Abel and his wives actually appeared on This Morning. While present, Abel began to explain the difficulties they face:

“It’s definitely a challenge, any relationship you want to build is challenging. So to expand your family and develop another relationship with another woman is challenging. Relationships are difficult and with our lifestyle it’s even more difficult but it’s what we’ve freely chosen and it brings us happiness.”

However, Phillip Schofield wasn’t exactly convinced and voiced his own opinion: “You don’t sound very happy, you sound positively miserable to me.”

Check out the video below:

Reactions are divided!

Over recent months, a number of viewers have discovered the series on Netflix.

It’s not exactly difficult to understand why some have been quick to write their thoughts on Twitter.

Audiences are clearly divided though, with some saying they’re hooked while other have outright blasted it.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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