With its arrival on Netflix, let’s get the Signs ending explained. Audiences have been quick to binge through it and have some questions.

Keeping busy?

If you have Netflix, of course you are. This year we’ve found ourselves with much more time on our hands and very few places to go.

The streaming service has played an important role in keeping us entertained and has offered a wealth of lockdown hits, from Tiger King to The Old Guard.

We’re glad to see them keep the entertainment coming. For fans of the dark and mysterious, a series called Signs has proven to be a must-see.

Created by Przemysław Hoffmann and Błażej Przygodzki, this intriguing eight-episode Polish crime-drama is captivating.

Seeing as you’re here, we assume you’ve already raced through it. So, let’s talk about the ending…

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Netflix: Signs ending explained

When Trela learns of Robert and Laura’s relationship, he considers the possibility that they met on the day of her demise.

When questioning Zofia – Laura’s mother – she claims that they separated after Dzikowski’s suicide. Additionally, she says that Robert is miserable because of the mayor.

Things take yet another turn when Robert vanishes. As noted by The Cinemaholic, the mayor has him in hiding at his house. However, Nina sees him there when visiting the mayor’s daughter and Trela then takes him into custody.

While there, he tells all, admitting that a twisted game got out of hand. Standing on the tracks, Dzikowski’s son had to wait for Robert to say “jump” to avoid being hit by the train. The call was never given and he died; Robert and Laura left the scene.

On the other hand, the train’s driver called Dzikowski and told him that his son jumped in the way.

Sceptical, he questions Robert, but he lies and tells him that Laura didn’t tell him to jump, resulting in his death. This compels him to seek revenge and kill Laura; he then used the recent murders to distract Trela.

Biohackers | Official Trailer | Netflix

Biohackers | Official Trailer | Netflix

Signs: Who killed Patricia?

The identity of the murderer remains somewhat of a mystery as the season comes to a close, but that doesn’t mean audiences weren’t given any glaring clues.

A scene in the church leads us to believe that he is confused in his religious beliefs and that this influences his desire to kill.

The finale sees Nina kidnapped and trapped in an abandoned house, but when she calls to Dorota for help she begins strangling her. Considering Sobczyk is watching this unfold, we’re led to believe that he may be the one responsible for killing Patrciai.

This is reinforced by Sobczyk earlier hiding the wallet, to stoke Trela’s suspicions of Dzikowski.

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