Pewdiepie’s YouTube memorabilia is selling for thousands on eBay after he got rid of loads of his materialistic belongings.

With over 100 million subscribers, Pewdiepie is now the second most subscribed YouTuber in the world. And whilst that might be an incredible achievement, it also comes with its downfalls.

One big one being, privacy. Being a big social media star and putting your whole life online often means that your privacy is compromised, which is exactly what happened to Pewdiepie.

After having his home robbed, Pewdiepie got rid of loads of his YouTube memorabilia, and now it’s being sold on eBay for thousands! And one YouTuber JackSucksAtLife has just come into possession of something pretty amazing.

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Pewdiepie got robbed in December

Back in December, Felix and Marzia’s house was broken into, with the thieves reportedly stealing 90% of their valuables.

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Marzie took to her 7.8 million follower Instagram page and said: “I know it is very materialistic, and should be happy with what I was left/have. But I can’t hide the shock and sadness with all being taken away, just like that.”

The pair live in Brighton, UK, but Pewdiepie revealed in a YouTube video that it was actually the house they also own in Japan that was robbed.

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After that they got rid of a lot of their belongings

As the second most followed YouTuber in the world with over 100 million subscribers, Pewdiepie has always had issues with privacy.

So as a result, after the break in he decided to get rid of a lot of his materialistic belongings in his home, simply throwing them away and living a much smaller, simpler lifestyle.

According to Keemstar, he began giving away some YouTube memorabilia too such as play buttons and awards.

People started finding these items and putting them on eBay

Then, people started finding these items from his home and selling them on eBay for thousands of pounds.

Even his 100 million subscriber play button was said to be up for sale on eBay and was sold to a mystery person.

Keemstar even revealed in his new Drama Alert video that he is now the owner of Pewdiepie’s 10 million follower play button. He said: “I collect a lot of YouTube artefacts, and I just had to get my hands on this.”

He says that Pewdiepie is welcome to have it back if he wants it, but if not he plans to create a YouTube museum in the future where it will be on display.

JackSucksAtLife now has the 100m play button briefcase

And now, there’s another update in the Pewdiepie play button drama.

YouTuber JackSucksAtLife has just revealed that he now owns the briefcase that Pewdiepie’s 100 million subscriber plaque came in.

He uploaded a video to his YouTube channel titled: “I found Pewdiepie’s 100 Mill Diamond Play Button Chest on eBay.”

Right now on YouTube there are only two YouTube channels with 100 million subscribers, Pewdiepie and T-Series, so as someone who loved collecting YouTube memorablia, Jack is pretty excited to own it.

He reveals that the eBay seller listed it for £145,999, but this was unrealistic and he eventually bought it for £1,500.

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