Two very unlikely people have teamed up to film a YouTube video together, Josh Peck and Dixie D’Amelio. And some fans are pretty confused about it!

Dixie D’Amelio found fame on TikTok with her sister Charli, only making an account on the social media app in 2019 and gaining 30 million followers in less than a year.

After making his first appearance on David Dobrik’s vlog in 2016, Josh Peck first started his own YouTube channel back in 2017, racking up 3.7 million subscribers.

And it seems that the two platforms are beginning to merge, after Josh and Charli filmed a video together and combined the TikTok world and the YouTube world together.

The pair seem to get on well, but some people are finding it kind of strange!

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The pair filmed a mukbang together on Dixie’s channel

Dixie’s started a YouTube channel three months ago, and whilst it isn’t as popular as her TikTok, she has gained 3 million subscribers, and despite only posting nine videos, they all have over 10 million views each.

And it seems her YouTube career is about to get even bigger after she invited YouTube star Josh Peck to her house to film a mukbang.

The pair ate food together and discussed many topics, from starting Josh his own TikTok account, getting hate online and general chit-chat about life.

And Josh filmed a tour of Dixie’s house on his channel

Then, the pair also filmed a video to be uploaded on Josh’s channel too.

Josh visited Dixie’s house a filmed a comedic house tour of it, walking round her family home and picking out details of it, whilst narrating himself.

He also interviewed Dixie as he walked round her house, asking her questions about her TikTok career.

Are Josh and Dixie friends now? Some fans think it’s a bit strange

So are Dixie D’Amelio and Josh Peck friends now? It definitely seems like an unlikely pairing.

Dixie is 18-year-old, whilst Josh is 33. And despite both being on YouTube, they definitely have a completely different circle of friends.

In Dixie’s Mukbang video, she had to explain the whole Hype House, Sway House, Club House situation to Josh, because he just didn’t know what the TikTok collectives really were.

No one really knows who organised the videos, but Josh somehow ended up being invited round to Dixie’s house, so they must have been talking a lot, suggesting that they have become friends, which some fans are finding a little bit strange.

One Twitter user said: “What is josh peck doing going to a teenage tiktok star’s house i can’t stand these youtubers.” But it definitely seems like the pair got on pretty well, and we’ll have to wait and see if they continue to film content together in the future.

Josh’s content is certainly changing. With Dixie’s help, will he be the next big TikTok star? Maybe!


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