At the same time as his sister Saffron revealed she is now dating someone, Jed Barker has a new girlfriend too. But who is she?

Being the brother of such a big YouTube star, Jed Barker’s made a pretty big name for himself in the online world.

He’s had a go at YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, and even though he’s not that great at posting regularly, he still has a lot of loyal fans.

And after posting a TikTok with a new girl in it, everyone is demanding to know who Jed’s new love interest is. So who is Jed’s 2020 girlfriend? All is revealed here.

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Who is Jed Barker?

Jed Barker is the brother of YouTube sensation Saffron Barker.

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After appearing in many of his sister’s videos, fans took an instant liking to Jed, and he became a bit of an Internet personality too.

He had a go at the whole YouTube think himself last year, filming 20 videos and gaining 229,000 subscribers, but he hasn’t posted on his channel for seven months now.

But he does continue to post on his Instagram, where he has 293k followers, and he’s even a pretty big TikTok star too now, racking up 563,000 followers on the video-sharing app.

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Jed showed his new girlfriend on TikTok

Fans began to get excited when Jed posted a new girl on his TikTok account.

The pair filmed a comedic lip-sync video together, discussing a scene where the girl appears to be stealing Jed’s crisps. But it wasn’t the TikTok that caught people’s eye this time, it was of course Jed’s new girlfriend.

Everyone began commenting on the video congratulating Jed on his new relationship and discussing how beautiful the girl was.

At this point, Jed hadn’t actually revealed if this was his girlfriend or not, but this didn’t stop fans from speculating. But this time, they were right.

So who actually is Jed’s new girlfriend?


@imogencribb stop stealing my crisps 😅 #foryou #foryoupage #fyp

♬ original sound – melody17171717

Who is Jed’s 2020 girlfriend?

Jed’s new girlfriend is called Imogen Cribb and she’s an 18-year-old girl from Nottingham.

Her Instagram handle is @imogen.cribb and she’s got 34k followers.

That’s all we really know about Imogen so far, apart from that fact that she’s got a pretty popular TikTok account with 78,000 followers, where she’s posted almost 150 videos.

Jed showed off his new girl on his Instagram, posting a selfie with two pink heart emoji’s as the caption. The pair seem adorable together!

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