Women all over social media are taking on the challenge to go braless while doing their everyday activities.

Women took to Instagram to video themselves doing things such as skipping rope, working out, dancing, and cooking.

The wannabe influencers then uploaded the challenge to social media sites such as Instagram, TikTok and Youtube, which no doubt gained them the likes. 

What is the No Bra Challenge?

After the ‘No Bra’ Challenge surfaced on TikTok months ago, the trend has come back around on Instagram. Now, as a result, once again people are debating whether it is positive or negative.

With thousands of posts under the hashtag #brachallenge, #freethenipple and #braoffchallenge, the trend sees people waking up in the morning and not bothering with wearing a bra.

Many people believe the viral trend is designed to empower women as a symbol of freedom and to not be constrained to their beauty standards and norms. The ability for women to not feel they have to hide their bodies, and at the same time being comfortable in what they’re wearing is an opportunity that women don’t take lightly.

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Instagram accounts such as @nobraclique_ and @thenobraclub promote not wearing a bra, posting inspirational self love quotes and even selling merchandise as seen on reality TV stars such as Megan McKenna.

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Bras are causing quite the controversy

Others on Twitter have voiced their critique of the challenge, labelling it as a form to further objectify women and exploit them for the sake of likes and followers.

The notion of using a woman’s body as a way to get famous is not unheard of and some think it’s a cheat to making the millions. 

Thousands of Instagram users are on the fence, believing that pretty privilege is most definitely a thing but it doesn’t mean that a woman’s actions are any less respectable!

We must admit, the trend made for some great tweets!

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