One Direction fans have taken over Twitter with the hashtag #iHeartIsOverParty. So, what happened?

Even though the boys of One Direction went on a hiatus a few years ago, fans are still very much devoted to the band and their songs.

The group made its first appearance on The X Factor and they went on to become one of the most popular boy bands in the world.

And since One Direction members are marking their 10-year anniversary, there’s been a lot about them on the media.

However, some fans have been left disappointed over iHeart Radio’s special about the band.

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One Direction: 10-year anniversary

The group is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with a series of special clips and behind-the-scenes videos.

One Direction will launch a website on Thursday (July 23rd) which will follow the band’s timeline, from their first audition to the time before their hiatus. The site will also include an archive of videos, artwork and never-seen footage.

The band members, who took a break in 2015, broke their silence on social media for the first time in years, and wrote in an Instagram post: “Tomorrow! You and me got a whole lot of history #10YearsOf1D.”

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Why is ‘iHeart Is Over Party’ trending?

The hashtag has gone viral after iHeart Radio’s YouTube live about One Direction last night.

Taking to Twitter, iHeart said that they have collected “fan favourite moments and unseen clips of the boys from across their tours”, however, many fans have been left disappointed about it for obvious reasons.

Many One Direction fans have said that the 1-40 minute special was too short and contained compilation of clips they have already seen.

Twitter reactions

It’s safe to say that One Direction fans have taken over Twitter with the viral hashtag #iHeartIsOverParty.

Many people have said that they stayed until late to watch the special edition and have expected to see more since the boys are celebrating their 10-year anniversary.

One fan reacted: “why would a video like that be posted when they used some famous scenes and clips? Why would they do it knowing those had already been seen by us? I’m sure they had to know we had seen them. They knew we would be focused on the countdown and nothing else #iheartisoverparty.”

Someone else said: “bruhhh what was unseen?? we’ve literally seen all of this and why are fan cams higher quality than this vid.”

Check out more reactions down below.

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