Devin Allen’s ex-fiance videos have gone viral after she found out that he had cheated on her. So, who is she?

Social media has given a platform for many content creators around the world.

From beauty to fitness, there’s been a rise in online influencers who share content on various topics.

While TikTok has become famous for its filters and choreographed dance challenges, user Devin Allen has been using her channel to provide useful relationship advice.

So, let’s meet Devin on social media!

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Who is Devin Allen?

Devin is a TikTok user who rose to fame with her channel @diybreakup.

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She and her friend Jessica Heilweil launched the account to provide relationship advice and support those who have cancelled their engagements or weddings.

According to her LinkedIn bio, Devin lives in Philadelphia and works as an assistant vice president at Robert Half.

Prior to her role she worked for the financial services company Northwestern Mutual and the insurance firm Zenith Marketing Group.

Devin holds a BA degree in Psychology from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.

Devin on ‘DiyBreakUp’

Devin started the TikTok channel ‘DiyBreakUp’ after she called off her engagement with her ex-fiance.

She opened up about her relationship in a series of clips, revealing how she found out that her ex had cheated on her.

In one of the videos, she said:

“I was with my ex-fiancé for about six years, and 90 days before we were supposed to get married, I found out that he was cheating on me for the past six months.

“His text messages accidentally were syncing to my laptop, and I found out on his bachelor party he was texting me and his girlfriend the same exact things. He was literally copying and pasting us the same exact text messages.”

Since starting the TikTok channel, Devin has received a lot of requests from her followers who need relationship advice.

Moreover, Devin and her friend Jessica have helped a lot of people deal with the stress of calling off their engagement or wedding.

Follow Devin on Instagram

We found Devin on Instagram! You can give her a follow under the name @devinblair.

She has nearly 1k followers on her Insta account but we are sure this figure is set to rise now that she has gained popularity on TikTok.

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