The Valorant Oni skins bundle costs 7,100 VP as initially suggested (via Valorant item store).

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Valorant has received update 1.04 and this has reportedly buffed Viper while nerfing Raze and Brimstone. However, away from the newest update, the Oni skins bundle has been revealed and lots of players are wondering what the bundle price will be to get the Phantom Oni skin and others.

There has been plenty of controversy surrounding Riot Games and their prices for Valorant weapon skins in their free-to-play shooter. One famous example includes the controversial $95 Elderflame Dragon cosmetic which is reported to have now disappeared from the shop.

The egregious cost of cosmetics has understandably annoyed a lot of the community, and it’s safe to say that fans aren’t optimistic when it comes to the price for Phantom Oni and Riot Games’ bundle.

Valorant Oni skins bundle

The Oni skins bundle for Valorant reportedly includes versions for Phantom, Knife, Shorty, Bucky, and Guardian.

Riot Games’ Oni skins bundle has leaked on Twitter, and you can check out the Valorant cosmetics for Phantom and Knife down below:

Over on Reddit, a lot of the game’s community are gushing over the Phantom inclusion.

This is because it features multiple different styles and effects as an evolving Phantom, and each version of the weapon looks incredibly beautiful.

However, as pointed out by the community, you will likely need to fork up a lot of money in order to be able to enjoy it.

Riot Games

What is the price for the Valorant Oni skins?

There isn’t a confirmed price for the Valorant Oni skins as of writing.

However, it’s believed that the price for individual Valorant Oni skins will be 1,775 points with the bundle costing 7,100.

If this happens to be the case, then purchasing the necessary amount of points for one weapon will cost you $20.

Meanwhile, if you want to get the whole bundle, it will cost you $70 to buy 5,350 points with 2,050.

It’s suggested by Valorant Leaks on Twitter that the Oni Skin bundle will be available at 17:00 EST.  

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