Kanye West continued his viral Twitter rant yesterday, now claiming some pretty big things about Michael Jackson and Sony director Tommy Mottola.

If you thought Kanye’s twitter rant was over, you were wrong. He already expressed his hatred towards Kris Jenner and her boyfriend Corey Gamble, and argued that Kris and his wife Kim had tried to lock him up. And now, he’s got even more to say.

Kanye has taken to Twitter again to tweet another series of strange now-deleted Twitter posts. He’s now claimed that he has wanted to divorce Kim for over a year now, since she met rapper Meek Mill at the Waldorf Hotel.

But it still doesn’t stop there. He’s also now discussing the death of Michael Jackson, and he’s making some pretty big accusations about who was responsible.

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Kanye West started tweeting about Tommy Mottola

Kanye West continued his Twitter rant yesterday and began tweeting about a particular person, Tommy Mottola.

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Tommy is an American music executive and producer, currently the chairman of Mottola Media Group and previously the Chairman and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment.

In a random tweet that discussed many different topics, Kanye said: “MJ told you about Tommy before they killed him.”

A conspiracy has existed for a long time that Mottola was involved with orchestrating Michael Jackson’s death, and it seems like this is exactly what Kanye is referring to in his tweet.

Michael Jackson calls out Tommy Mottola in speech before he died

Before Michael Jackson died, he made a very famous speech that called out the Sony Chairman Tommy Mottola.

He begins to speak about the treatment of people with the music industry, especially talking about black people. He says: “The record companies really really do conspire against their artists. They cheat, they do whatever they can. Especially the black artists.”

Then, he calls out Tommy Mottola, saying: “Sony. Tommy Mottola is the president of the record division. He is mean, he’s a racist and he’s very very very devilish.”

What actually happened between Michael Jackson and Tommy Mottola?

It’s clear from the speech he gave that Michael Jackson had a clear dislike of Tommy Mottola – but why?

According to Meaww, it all started when Jackson expected that the licenses to the masters of his albums would revert back to him. But when he found out this wasn’t the case, he demanded an early exit from his contract with Sony.

In the middle of all this, his final album ‘Invincible’ was released, and tensions between Jackson and Mottola had got even worse. This is when Michael gave the speech in 2002, calling Mottola the “devil”. Jackson refused to tour his final album and left his contract, allegedly causing Sony to lose millions of pounds.

Jackson also claimed to have disliked Mottola due to his alleged bad treatment of artists signed to Sony, specifically regarding him as racist.

Knowing all the bad blood between the two, many people began conspiring that Mottola has been involved in the death of Michael Jackson, believing it was a murder. However, this is just a conspiracy and although many people believe it, there isn’t actually any real evidence.

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