Rachel Hollis is an American writer, motivational speaker and blogger who is mostly recognised from her self help book, Girl, Wash Your Face.

Over the past few years Rachel has faced criticism regarding plagiarism in her work, as well as her motivational speeches.

As well as being a writer, Rachel is a mother to four children, and has recently divorced her husband, which shocked fans online.

Read on to find out more.

What did Rachel Hollis allegedly plagiarise?

Several of Rachel Hollis’s quotes are allegedly plagiarised, such as when she posted “ambition is not a dirty word” while adding that the quote was an excerpt from her upcoming book.

The quote, however, is already the title of a self-help book by Debra Condren, and was also mentioned in Reece Witherspoon’s 2015 Glamour Women of the Year speech.

Another example is when her husband posted a quote, and credited Rachel as the source, despite it being attributed to another motivational speaker, Jon Acuff.

Most recently, Rachel came under fire for using a Maya Angelou quote without giving credit. She apologsed online:

“This morning I found out that my social team posted a graphic on my Instagram yesterday that said, “Still… I Rise”.”

“That is, obviously, an immortal line from a Maya Angelou poem — only, no credit was given to her. I immediately deleted the post but I want to make sure and publicly apologize.”

What do fans think of her divorce?

Fans were seemingly upset over the couple’s divorce, not due to the fact their marriage is over, but they feel as though the pair “had a hidden agenda.”

One fan wrote:

“I am dumbfounded by the fact that Rachel Hollis is getting a divorce. Her and Dave preached so hard about how to maintain a happy + healthy marriage but apparently were struggling the whole time. I feel like they had a hidden agenda and it sucks bc I’ve recommended her content.”

Another said:

“Rachel Hollis (& husband) spent the last 3 years pretending they were deliriously in love and profiting off a couples podcast that was supposed to teach listeners how to have a marriage as great as theirs all while they were “fighting to save” their marriage & are now divorcing.”

They added: “I know divorce is hard and I empathize with how much it sucks to come to that decision…but man, I’m mad about the lie they sold their audience for profit and social gain.”