Lin Manuel Miranda is in the spotlight once again after Hamilton was added to Disney Plus in July, sending musical theatre fans into a frenzy.

Recently, Lin has made waves on TikTok, after a selfie of his where he is pictured biting his lip went viral on the video sharing app.

Lin has since responded to the new TikTok trend, which pokes fun at him, and fans want to know how the trend even began.

Read on to find out more.

Where did the meme come from?

The videos on TikTok poke fun at a selfie on Lin where he is biting his lip and staring intensely at the camera.

They follow the ‘Rick Rolled’ format, which tricks viewers into seeing the picture of Lin. An example would be a video by @palmpayy which shows a text conversation between the Tiktokker and her mother.

She mispels the word ‘fin’, spelling it ‘Lin’ which results in a picture of Lin edited over a shark fin to appear on screen.

The selfie in question was uploaded to Twitter by Lin himself in 2018, but has resurfaced since the renewed attention on Hamilton.

Lin responded to the TikToks about him

Lin Manuel Miranda recently uploaded a video to TikTok on July 17th where he is rapping, and mentions the lip biting TikToks.

Lin freestyles: “Bit my lip, ah s**t, TikTok hates when I do that.”

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