Popstar Dua Lipa has been at the heart of an online debate following a controversial Twitter post.

Dua Lipa, 24, has rocketed to worldwide fame with hits over such as “New Rules,” “One Kiss,” and “Don’t Start Now” over the past three years.

The London-born star has never shied away from her heritage, and has often spoken about Kosovan and Albanian issues, culture and history. But Dua Lipa’s most recent engagement with her heritage has lost her more than just a few fans.

This has sparked a curiosity into Dua Lipa’s background, notably what religion (if any) that she practices.

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Dua Lipa posts in support of Kosovo

On Sunday, July 19th, Dua Lipa shared an image of a banner which has been associated with supporters of extreme Albanian nationalism over the years. The same banner sparked controversy back in 2014 at a football match between Serbia and Albania.

The banner features a map of the outline of Greater Albania – the original area in Europe where ethnic Albanians lived before the land was divided. It also features the title “autochthonous” which means “indigenous [peoples] rather than descended from migrants or colonists.” This led to some accusations of Dua Lipa supporting ethnonationalism. Some on Twitter even went to the extreme of saying Dua Lipa’s post had undertones of fascism or even Nazism. The Twitter thread underneath Dua’s post exploded with debate about Albania and Kosovo’s history.

Response to fans

Dua had to respond to the online furore.

On Tuesday, July 21st she took to Twitter yet again with another post. She wrote:

“My previous post was never meant to incite any hate. It makes me sad and angry that my post has been wilfully misinterpreted by some groups and individuals who promote ethnic separatism, something I completely reject. Whenever I post about Kosovo, my feed goes crazy, even if it’s something as joyful as food or music, and I am met with a fierce resistance to the idea of an authentic Kosovan culture. We all deserve to be proud of our ethnicity and where we are from. I simply want my country to be represented on a map and to be able to speak with pride and joy about my Albanian roots and my mother country. I encourage everyone to embrace their heritage and to listen and learn from each other. Peace, love and respect to all – Dua X”

Is Dua Lipa religious?

Dua Lipa has never spoken plainly about her religion.

The majority of Kosovar Albanians identify as Sunni Muslims, although it is not widely practiced. There is also a major Christian community in Kosovo and Albania. Dua’s parents, Dukagjin and Anesa Lipa, are Kosovar Albanians. They are from Pristina, Kosovo and were living there while it was still a part of Yugoslavia. It has been reported that Dukagjin and Anesa are Muslim. It is unknown whether the whole Lipa family identifies as Muslim.

Many have thought Dua’s name to be an Arabic word, however it is actually an Albanian word which means “to want/to love.”

Dua Lipa’s parents moved to London in 1992 and had their three children: Dua, Rina, Gjin. The family moved back to Kosovo in 2006 where Dua lived until the age of 15. However, Dua made the decision to move back to London to pursue her music career.

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