Addison Rae has just revealed that she’s the face of American Eagle’s new campaign, and fans of the TikTok star are loving it.

Is there actually anything Addison Rae hasn’t done this year? Every time things go a little bit quiet, she’s back with another big project. She’s got a new film coming out, a podcast with her mum and now she’s even the face of a fashion campaign.

That’s right, Addison Rae, the girl from TikTok is now going to be in every American Eagle store across America as she stars in their new Back To School campaign.

And fans of Addison have been taking to social media to express their love and support

Addison Rae revealed her new American Eagle campaign on Instagram

Addison took to her Instagram account yesterday to reveal a new campaign she’s been working on with clothing brand American Eagle.

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The campaign is working with American Eagle on their Back-to-school campaign and uses the brand’s popular hashtag #AExMe.

She posted a 1-minute long video that has gained almost 2.5 million views and 5,000 comments in under 24 hours.

Alongside the video, she wrote: “Still pinching myself that I have the opportunity to be a part of such an iconic brand.”

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She filmed the whole campaign herself

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people around the world were urged to stay at home, meaning that many events could no longer take place.

For that very reason, Addison actually filmed the whole American Eagle campaign herself at home in order to reduce contact between people.

On Instagram, she said: “The whole campaign was directed through Zoom and we all photographed ourselves!”

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The campaign has had a great reaction from fans

Fans of Addison are so supportive of everything she does, and as the TikTok star branches out from the social media app into so many other business ventures, her fans simply love her more and more.

Many people have taken to Twitter to show their support and congratulate Addison on her new campaign.

One Twitter user said: “Addison rae modeling for american eagle and charli and dixie d’amelio modeling for hollister, both companies can take all my money.” I think American Eagle are going to be selling a lot of jeans this year!

Many are also expressing their huge excitement at going into American Eagle stores and seeing their favourite social media star on the posters.

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