Ghost of Tsushima is now available on PlayStation 4 and it has comfortably debuted at number one in the United Kingdom. This means that plenty of people are playing Sucker Punch’s newest epic since the InFamous series, and it’s arguably the best game of 2020 so far thanks to its incredible gameplay, open world, and captivating story. If you’re thoroughly enjoying the experience and are in love with the aesthetics, you can wear Jin’s mask by getting the Ghost of Tsushima Snapchat Filter.

As one of the most beautiful games ever made, Ghost of Tsushima is extremely pleasing on the eyes with its vibrant colours and ridiculous amount of leaves. It’s also incredibly brutal with Sucker Punch refusing to shy away from depicting blood and necessarily violent deaths, and Jin himself has an iconic appearance thanks to the mask he wears.

If you’re a fan of Jin’s mask but don’t want to pay a hefty fee to wear a physical copy, below you’ll discover how to get the game’s Snapchat Filter.

Ghost of Tsushima – A Storm is Coming Trailer | PS4

Ghost of Tsushima – A Storm is Coming Trailer | PS4

How to get the Ghost of Tsushima Snapchat Filter

You get the Ghost of Tsushima Snapchat Filter by using PlayStation’s Snapcode.

From using the Snapcode provided by PlayStation, you can use the Ghost of Tsushima Snapchat Filter to wear the iconic mask of Jin seen on the cover and in the trailers.

As for why the mask is so iconic, it’s because it is essential to the story and Jin’s character. It is an embodiment of Jin becoming a Ghost and forgoing the Samurai code of honour to practice techniques more befitting of dishonourable assassins and thieves.

Throughout the early portion of the game, Yuna encourages Jin to abandon his Samurai code in order to best the Mongols. He eventually follows through with abandoning his code after his very first stealthy kill, but we see the struggle through emotions and inner turmoil caused by flashbacks.

As previously mentioned, the mask is available through the game’s collector’s edition as a display, but the Snapchat Filter is a free alternative for a brief second of amusement.

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