In today’s ice cream news, Ben and Jerry’s ‘canceled wedding cake’ flavour has gone viral. But is it real?

It doesn’t take too long for trending videos or images to gain massive hits on different social media channels.

Once something gets liked, people share and retweet until the post becomes the next popular viral thing.

Now, people on the internet claim that Ben and Jerry’s has come up with a new flavour for people who have had to cancel their weddings. We did some investigation and found out if that’s real or fake.

Ben and Jerry’s, Thomas Sørensen on Flickr

Ben and Jerry’s: ‘Canceled wedding cake’

This flavour by Ben and Jerry’s is called the ‘canceled wedding cake’.

After a quick search on Reddit, it appears that Instagram user @doctorphotograph is the person behind the viral post.

In the image, someone holds a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream tub with a message in the bottom saying: “Cake Batter Ice Cream with a Non-Refundable Deposit.”

There are also two adorable cows, a bride and a groom, and another message says: “Send Gifts!”

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Is it real or fake?

Unfortunately for many, Ben and Jerry’s ‘canceled wedding cake’ is fake!

Responding to another user on Reddit, @doctorphotograph explained:

“Haha I’m sorry to say it’s not real, although I could def see B&Js making a joke like this. I photoshop products so If you’re bored, check out my IG feed (easiest way to scroll through and see some of my other items not currently for sale).”

In a second message, the user added:

“Edit: yes I know the text at the bottom needs work and yes I know you might spell it cancelled but according to grammarly dot com, both are accepted.”

If you scroll down their Instagram feed, you will see plenty of other photoshopped images, from movie posters to other food brands.

Reddit reactions

While viral stuff like this usually gains popularity on Twitter, there are currently more reactions from people on Reddit.

Many users have found the Ben and Jerry’s photoshopped image hilarious, while others are disappointed that the flavour is not real.

One user said: “Ughhh I wish it was real, then I could have the entire cake just to eat my feels.”

Meanwhile, another user pointed at the spelling spoiler, and said: “The misspelled “canceled” gave it away for me!”