Kim Novak was on CBS’s Sunday Morning this weekend which revisited the star’s appearance during the 2014 Academy Awards ceremony.

During the years, the Oscars have always given viewers at home something to comment about.

Whether that’s about someone’s outfit or a hilarious blunder, people are quick to share their reactions on social media.

CBS’s Sunday Morning featured a special interview with Kim Novak and revisited her 2014 Oscar appearance when she was mocked for her face.

Kim Novak on CBS Sunday Morning, YouTube

Who is Kim Novak?

Kim is a 87-year-old actress from Chicago.

She rose to fame in the 1950s when she appeared in Alfred Hitchcock’s psychological thriller Vertigo alongside James Stewart and Barbara Bel Geddes.

She went on to star in other leading roles, including in The Man with the Golden Arm and in Picnic, with the latter often referred to as Kim’s breakthrough role.

Kim retired from her acting career after filming the 1991 mystery/drama Liebestraum.

Kim Novak’s face

Unfortunately, Kim has once again become a victim of online trolling after Sunday Morning aired a special report about her.

The interview originally aired in January this year and CBS aired a repeat last weekend.

The actress made headlines after her 2014 Oscars appearance when a number of people criticised her face, including US President Donald Trump who tweeted at the time: “Kim should sue her plastic surgeon!”

Speaking to CBS News, Kim addressed Trump’s Twitter post and revealed that she had fat injections in her face which didn’t go the way she planned.

She explained:

“I had a skin doctor give me fat injections, which were in the wrong place, which made my face look fatter. But I still would’ve rather Trump hadn’t said that.”

Where is Kim Novak now?

According to a previous report from Oregon Live, Kim has lived in southern Oregon with her husband since the 90s.

The actress also has an official website on Kim Novak Artist where she offers prints and paintings made by her.

Kim is on Twitter under the handle @KimNovakActress, however, her last post dates back to May 2019.

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