Instagram Live may not seem like the best place to flirt, but NBA Youngboy doesn’t seem to care, after using it to shoot his shot.

The woman on the receiving end of NBA Youngboy’s advances is Boosie Badazz’s younger sister, which excited fans.

Some people were wondering what Boosie would say on the matter, but his response was more shocking than fans thought.

Read on to find out more.

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What happened on Instagram Live?

NBA Youngboy hopped onto Instagram Live with Boosie Badazz’s younger sister.

On the Live, NBA Youngboy made it clear he wanted to fly Boosie’s sister out to Atlanta, to which she replied with an “okay.”

Boosie’s younger sister is called Munchie, and uses the Instagram handle @_munchieb_.

What did Boosie Badazz think?

When asked on an Instagram Live what he thought about NBA hitting on his sister, Boosie said:

“I don’t give a f**k. I don’t jump in front of no d**k.”

It’s safe to say Boosie doesn’t mind about the encounter between NBA and his sister!

Earlier this year Boosie announced that him and NBA Youngboy had a joint project on the way, although we haven’t had any updates since.

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