Cristina Bautista is a personal trainer from San Paula, California, who has inspired people to take up running.

She began her running journey after her ex husband cheated on her, and hasn’t looked back since.

Having now lost 77kg in four years, Cristina’s weight loss shows others that it can be done in a healthy manner.

Who is Cristina Bautista?

Cristina Bautista is a personal trainer who began her weight loss journey after her husband cheated on her. She told Runner’s World:

“I was supposed to get married on October 31, 2015. In late August, I got a call from my fiancé’s mistress, who I didn’t even know existed. She told me she was four months pregnant.”

Cristina told Runner’s World that the reason she had never attempted running was because she was “overweight” and “so scared” of people judging her. She said: “It always held me back.”

While Cristina lost 170 pounds, she says:

Running isn’t just about losing weight or keeping fit. It’s my way of keeping myself grounded. It’s helped me become a better woman, not just physically but mentally and spiritually.”

How did Cristina lose 77kg through running?

The first time she went running, Cristina “failed horribly”, though she was determined to not give up.

After selling her possessions and travelling around Thailand, Cristina returned to the US 50 pounds down after running in Thailand.

She said:

“I fully dedicated myself to running, and in the first 10 months after starting, I had lost 130 pounds. A year after that, I was down a total of 170 pounds to 135 pounds.”

Cristina highlights the importance of eating healthy in addition to running, but that she tries to be “very liberal” with her diet so that she sticks to it.

“What did work was giving into those cravings sometimes to make myself happy instead of being unsatisfied all week long. Yes, I eat my lean proteins, veggies, and complex carbs, but I don’t sweat it if I want to eat a cheeseburger in the middle of the week.”

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