The UFC 4 closed beta is now over, but gamers are now wondering if and when there will be an open beta for the upcoming MMA title.

I can’t explain how excited I am for the upcoming UFC 4 game. It’s been over two years since the last MMA title and the latest reveal trailer has only served to get me pumped up for the game even more.

The full release date for the title is currently scheduled for August 14 but thanks to the recent UF 4 closed beta, we have had the chance to get first impressions of the updated mechanics.

However, there are many gamers wondering if there will be an open beta and how they could access it.

UFC 4 Official Reveal Trailer

UFC 4 Official Reveal Trailer

Will there be an open beta for UFC 4?

  • At the time of writing, it doesn’t look like their will be an open beta for the upcoming UFC 4 game.

The ‘UFC 4 Leaks and News’ Twitter page has reported that “multiple sources” have said that the game will not have an open beta, with similar rumours have been circulating on Reddit. This was somewhat confirmed by EA when Community Manager ‘EA_Barry’ stated: “A period of Open Beta is unlikely, sorry” on the answers.ea website.

However, the term ‘unlikely’ still implies there is still a small chance we will get an open beta, so keep an eye out on this page. We think that if there is an open beta being planned by EA, it will be revealed next week during their Game Fest or Xbox Series X event on July 23.

How to get access to the UFC 4 beta?

Games were able to access the closed beta by first following this link and registering their interest in playing the UFC 4 beta on the EA Sports website.

After registering, players were sent a link with an access code that allowed them to download the beta from the Microsoft Store, which was 10.47GB on Xbox and 10.8 GB on PlayStation.

However, there have been multiple issues with access codes, with a lot of players reporting that the code they had received was not correct. EA has since confirmed the issue and that they have provided a solution here.

Can I register now?

Unfortunately, the access window for the UFC 4 beta is now closed for both registered and non-registered gamers alike.

Are Twitch drops enabled?

No, there are no ‘Twitch drops’ for UFC 4 beta codes despite what many stream titles may claim.

If we are honest, this isn’t very surprising considering that EA is playing the beta very close to the chest. EA Community Manager ‘EA_Blueberry’ posted: “Per the agreement, please do not share any content, record any footage, or discuss the game on these public boards.”

We will keep you updated on information regarding the beta as and when we know more.

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