If you’re looking to specialize in the longbow in Ghost of Tsushima, you’re going to want to track down the Mythic Tada Yori (Or Tadayori) armor. Worn by Tadayori Nagao when he faced off against a crew of deadly pirates, this armor is lightweight and strong, making it perfect for archery.

Finding the Tada Yori armor, as with finding all Mythic armor in Ghost of Tsushima, involves finding a musician to tell you the story of the ancient artefact.

Then, follow a series of clues across the map to Tadayori’s Rest, face off in a duel against its guardian, Kaede, defeat a Mongol horde, and the Tada Yori armor is all yours.

How to begin Ghost of Tsushima’s Legend of Tada Yori armor quest

The first step to finding the Tada Yori armor, as with all mythic armor quests, is to find a musician to tell you the Legend of Tadayori. He can be located in Tsutsu, in a place called Rustling Bend. To find his exact location, you can talk to townspeople in the Golden Temple who’ll mark his location on your map.

The musician will tell you to look for violet flowers. Ride to a spot just East of Kii’s Pond (it’ll be marked on your map). Once you arrive, look around until you find a small spiral mountain covered in flowers.

Follow the trail of violet to reach the top of the aptly named Violet Crown. While there, examine the incense, and check inside the container to discover a map.

Ghost of Tsushima Legend of Tadayori Map

How to find Tadayori’s Rest

The map you find at Violet Crown doesn’t have any markings, so be careful before you leave the peak of the mountain. Look out across the horizon, and you’ll see another mountain, covered in orange trees, that matches the image shown on the map.

Hop on your horse, and ride to this orange mountain. More violet flowers will mark the way for you until you reach fog.

You won’t be able to climb the mountain, so instead look for a small lit lantern next to a crack in the rock. Crawl through this small tunnel, the follow the path and climb, going past some dead Mongols. Eventually you’ll emerge into Tadayori’s Rest, and the location of the Tada Yori armor.

Dueling with Kaede

Once you arrive in Tadayori’s Rest, you’ll find Kaede, who will want to duel. It’s worth wearing armor which reduces damage or boosts your health in order to get the upper hand.

Defeat Kaede, and she’ll reveal the hidden location of the Tada Yori armor, not too far from Azamo Bay. Travel there (you can fast travel to get there quicker) and you’ll find more violet flowers leading you to some Mongols and the musician you met at the start of the quest.

Defeat the Mongols, and the Tada Yori armor is yours. However, in order to finish the quest, you will also need to kill yet another wave of enemies once you’ve equipped the Mythic armor.

With that done, you’ve completed the Legend of Tadayori, and gained one of the best armor sets in the game – perfect for shooting foes with a bow.