Following the news that Trill Withers has left Barstool Sports, social media users have offered their reactions.

Barstool Sports has recently made headlines and joined the ‘cancel culture’ over resurfaced old clips.

At the time, people have slammed Dan Katz, aka Big Cat, and Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy for offensive remarks in an old video.

Following this, the sports culture blog has faced a lot of controversy from fans. Trill Withers has left the company, prompting some fans to offer their speculations on why he might have resigned.

Trill Withers, Barstool Sports on YouTube

Who is Trill Withers?

Trill was a commentator on Barstool Sports.

He and fellow co-star Coley Mick have hosted Mickstape which is is the sports blog’s premier basketball podcast.

A YouTube video from Barstool Sports in February 2017 referred to Trill as their “newest employee” which means that he’s been with the company for the last few years.

On Thursday, July 16th, Trill revealed he’s leaving Barstool Sports, tweeting: “I’ve decided to resign from my position at Barstool Sports.”

Why did Trill leave Barstool?

While Trill hasn’t directly addressed the reason behind his resignation, a number of his followers have offered their opinions on why he might have left.

For instance, some Reddit users have been quick to share their reactions.

Reddit user @fat_lever123 reacted: “Tyler’s not going to trash Barstool because that’s not the type of guy he is but I would love to hear his unfiltered thoughts on this.” In response, user @DeadliftsnDonuts said: “His last podcast touched on it.”

Speculations grew that he might leave the company following an episode on 2Biggs Podcast called ‘Now It’s Gonna Get Extremely Real’.

Willie Colon and Brandon Newman invited Trill, Zah and Liz Gonzales and the 20 Dollar Chef to “address Barstool’s latest controversy”, a synopsis on Apple Podcast says.

Trill then took to Twitter to address the episode’s name, saying that he didn’t know the episode was going to be called like that.

Following backlash from some users, Coley defended Trill and tweeted:

“I really don’t care to see the character of one of my best friends questioned when he’s been using his platform for years to shine a light on things everyone else in media ignored, sidestepped or swept under the rug.”

People react on social media

A lot of people on social media have said that they are devastated to see Trill leaving his current role.

Trill’s friends and followers have shared messages of love and support, wishing him all the best in his future endeavors.

Eric Sollenberger, aka PFT Commenter, tweeted: “love u buddy. was awesome to work with you.”

“I haven’t met many men with your level of integrity and authenticity. It’s truly been an honor,” Liz Gonzales added.

Check out more reactions down below.

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