One of the biggest highlights of Season 3 for Fortnite Chapter 2 has been the inclusion of Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman. And, similar to Deadpool last season, you can now wear the DC superhero’s skin by completing his challenges. However, unlike Deadpool, you can also unlock a shirtless Aquaman by diving at gorgeous gorge. To help you run around the battlefield without a top, here you’ll discover where gorgeous gorge is located.

Know that before attempting this dive you must have completed all of the other Aquaman challenges to unlock his shirtless alternative. This includes the mission which requires you to find his trident over at coral cove.

Provided you’ve already found a trident to unlock the DC superhero’s standard skin, below you’ll discover the location of where gorgeous gorge is found.

Fortnite – Chapter 2: Season 3 – Battle Pass Gameplay Trailer| PS4

Fortnite – Chapter 2: Season 3 – Battle Pass Gameplay Trailer| PS4

Where is gorgeous gorge in Fortnite?

Gorgeous gorge is found just north-west of Lazy Lake in Fortnite.

Over on the Fortnite map, you can find gorgeous gorge situated on the grid between E5 and F5.

Now that you’ve found the location, all you need to do is head over there while wearing the standard Aquaman skin.

How to get shirtless Aquaman in Fortnite

You need to dive off gorgeous gorge while wearing the standard Aquaman skin to unlock his shirtless alternative in Fortnite.

Walk through the gorgeous gorge river all the way to the peak of the waterfall, and simply jump to perform a dive to get shirtless Aquaman.

Although the skin of Jason Mamoa in the iconic bronze and green superhero outfit looks incredible, there will be lots of people who prefer the topless alternative thanks to the sheer eye candy.

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