It’s an easy Netflix binge, so let’s get the Cursed ending explained. The streaming service has unveiled a show to keep us talking long after the finale.

For fans of Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings, a must-watch TV series has arrived courtesy of Netflix.

The streaming service prides itself on catering to lovers of all genres and fantasy fans have had plenty to enjoy over the years.

Last year, we had The Witcher to sink our teeth into and to tide us over until the next season we have Cursed, based on Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler’s novel of the same name.

The series centres on Nimue (played by Katherine Langford), a young woman destined to become the Lady of the Lake. Tackling Arthurian legend, this unique take sees her form an alliance with Arthur and they set out in search of Merlin, striving against King Uther and the Red Paladins.

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Netflix: Cursed ending explained

Selflessly, Nimue surrenders to King Uther, agreeing to give over herself and the sword if he gives her people ships to travel and establish safety elsewhere.

Considering the deal with the church has since been broken, he decides it wise and agrees to her request. However, the Red Paladin strikes an alliance with Cumber, who yearns for the throne.

Reflecting on the past, Merlin made a pact with Cumber, helping him move one step closer to the throne in exchange for keeping Nimue safe. Unfortunately, he realises that the king doesn’t plan on honouring the deal. While travelling to warn her, he is attacked and Cumber is able to make a pact with the church; the sword in a trade for Nimue.

Cumber’s army attacks her people as they board the ships, but after much bloodshed, an alliance forms between Arthur, the Fey and the Red Spear.

Nimue leaves the sword with Morgana when giving herself to Uther and, after attempts to help, Gawain suffers tragically from his wounds. Morgana, possessing the Widow’s powers, finds Merlin after saving Nimue but they’re ambushed by Iris and our protagonist is shot, left to plummet down a waterfall.

Caught in a fit of rage, Merlin kills the Paladins and flees.

Subsequently, we learn that the Weeping Monk grew up obeying the church, so draws the line when it comes to harming Squirrel; after the rescue, they set out together and it’s confirmed that the Monk is actually Lancelot.

Cursed season 2 is set up nicely

Of course, the big question is this: Is Nimue still alive?

The obvious answer is a resounding yes. She has manipulated magic to save her skin in so many tough situations and we expect this time will be no different.

Taking the detail of narration into account and its cyclical nature, there’s no reason to believe that Nimue actually died in the season’s final episode.

Indeed, Merlin has also regained his powers and controls the sword, so his true skill is sure to be integral to forthcoming episodes. We can’t wait to see how his arc evolves.

Additionally, we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for Arthur, Iris and Lancelot etc. The first season has established some excellent characters and the final episode has surely left audiences eager for more.

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Fans flock to Twitter

Already, a number of the show’s emerging admirers have voiced their enthusiasm over on Twitter.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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