Since F1 returned, teams and drivers have all had to wear face masks but can Formula 1 fans buy the red Ferrari U-Mask?

After the Australian Grand Prix was cancelled just hours before the cars took to the track back in March and the 2020 calendar was decimated by the Covid-19 pandemic, fans were left waiting a long time for Formula 1 to return.


On July 3rd, F1 finally made its long-awaited reappearance and while the on-track action remained largely the same, it was off-track where the biggest changes had happened since Melbourne.

Not only were teams and drivers forced to socially distance, everyone in the paddock from drivers and team members to media staff and race marshalls was forced to wear a face mask in order to help prevent anyone from catching Covid-19.

And naturally, with this being Formula 1, a lot of the teams could be seen with their own branded face masks, chief among them the biggest team in F1, Ferrari.

But can fans buy their own version of the Ferrari face mask?

Photo by Laurent Charniaux/Pool via Getty Images

Ferrari’s F1 face masks

From day one at the Austrian Grand Prix, Ferrari’s drivers and team members could be seen sporting a stunningly scarlet face mask.

With a distinct look that fitted well over the face and covered the nose better than most masks, this is a Ferrari-branded U-Mask, complete with #essereFerrari (we are Ferrari) hashtag.

U-Masks are among the most high-tech and most expensive face masks currently on the market.

The U-Mask comes with five interchangeable and replaceable layers, including a high-tech Bio Layer, unique to the U-Mask, which not only traps pathogens but kills them.

Photo by Laurent Charniaux/Pool via Getty Images

Can you buy the Ferrari U-Mask?

  • Sadly, no. The Ferrari-branded U-Mask is not on sale on the Ferrari of U-Mask stores at the time of writing.

However, you can still buy the same style of mask from the official U-Mask site.

Although, due to their high-tech design, they don’t come cheap and are priced at €39 each.

While there may not be an official Ferrari U-Mask on sale, the U-Mask store does stock red coloured masks, although it’s not quite the scarlet used by the Ferrari F1 team.


You can buy a McLaren U-Mask

It may not be a Ferrari mask but fans hoping to find an F1-branded U-Mask are in luck.

McLaren are currently taking orders for their own branded U-Mask, like those worn by drivers Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz as well as team members.


The McLaren U-Masks are priced at £35 each on the McLaren store and will be released in late July with profits from the #WeRaceAsOne movement going to charity.