The Ooblets game is now available in Early Access format on Xbox One and the Epic Games store. It’s been described as a “no-stress, all-fun cutesy creature vacation,” and it has also been compared to a lot of notable video game franchises. With lots of talk surrounding the Early Access game, some people on PS4 and Nintendo Switch are understandably wondering if it will ever release on their system of choice.

Said to be part farming simulator and part Pokémon, Ooblets is a very cute game with a unique and stunningly pretty art style. Some of its features include customising your own character, exploring a variety of locations across its colourful and quirky landscape, and collecting dozens of in-game items. There’s also plenty of farming and dancing, and overall it’s just a pleasant and calming experience for both the eyes and mind.

However, while it’s available only on Xbox One and the Epic Games store via Early Access, will it eventually be on PS4 and Nintendo Switch?

Will Ooblets release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch?

Ooblets is not available on either PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

The game is only available on Epic Games and Xbox One in Early Access format, but an Ooblets release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch hasn’t been entirely ruled out.

While the game’s official FAQ page rules out the possibility of it becoming free-to-play, the chance of it being released on other systems is playfully addressed as follows:

“Mebbe one day bebe! Who knows?”

Neither the PS4 or Nintendo Switch are mentioned by name, but – at the very least – launches on other platforms haven’t been dismissed as impossible.

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