The film has arrived on Netflix and Fatal Affair memes are beginning to surface. We’ve picked out a selection of the very best so far.

For much of the year, cinemas have been temporarily closed. However, we’ve still had plenty of efforts to tuck into over the last few months.

A number of the year’s most popular releases have arrived courtesy of Netflix, including the likes of Extraction, The Old Guard, Uncut Gems, Da 5 Bloods and Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.

The beauty of releasing films on Netflix is that they’re widely accessible instantly.

still from “Fatal Affair”, Hybrid

Fatal Affair memes

In this day and age, audiences have no problem whatsoever cooking up memes from films and TV shows.

Harshvardhan Rane as Neel | Teaser | Haseen Dillruba

Fatal Affair is the latest to inspire some great examples.

Directed by Peter Sullivan (Secret Obsession), the film tells the story of Ellie, who meets with a man named David she’d known in college some twenty years ago.

After drinks, they share a kiss which swiftly makes David obsessed, despite Ellie quickly pulling away.

It hasn’t taken long for viewers to turn their observations into memes.

Check out a selection:

What’s the verdict?

At the moment, the film has an IMDb audience score of 5.0, which pretty much reflects how the film has been received on the whole.

As you’ll know from the memes, audiences have picked out some notable faults with the film, but some are arguing that it’s biggest sin is lack of originality.

Critics have pointed out that it’s a plain spin on Fatal Attraction, which is essentially the case. It doesn’t really evolve into anything unique despite there being other potential avenues to explore.

In the end, the film never really pulls any punches, despite the implications of the ending being quite potent. Nevertheless, it’s still been done better numerous times.

However, there are still plenty of viewers who think that it’s enjoyable and rather trashy fun. As more people flock to see it, one things for sure: more memes are incoming.

In other news, here’s why the ending’s scarier than you think.