Audiences are pondering the new film, so let’s get the Fatal Affair ending explained. Netflix has rolled out a stalker flick which lingers long after the credits.

How have you been keeping busy?

Over recent months, many of us have had much more free time on our hands… that’s where Netflix has come in.

The streaming service has done a terrific job of offering us great TV content, and with the cinemas having been temporarily closed, we’re glad to see they’ve offered some exceptional new films too.

From Extraction to The Old Guard, Netflix has delivered a number of gems.

Although wildly different to the aforementioned efforts, Fatal Affair is the one to watch at the moment.

still from “Fatal Affair”, Hybrid

Netflix: Fatal Affair

Directed by Peter Sullivan (Secret Obsession), Fatal Affair arrived on Netflix on Thursday, July 16th 2020.

Starring the likes of Nia Long, Omar Epps, Stephen Bishop and KJ Smith, the film centres on Ellie, who meets with David, a man she’d known in college some twenty years ago.

Over drinks, she begins to reflect on the state of her marriage and a kiss between them sends David into a spiral of obsession. Although Ellie was quick to pull away, David becomes intent on “saving” her from her marriage.

As the title suggests, it’s another modern spin on the Fatal Attraction narrative.

Now, let’s talk about the ending…

Fatal Affair ending explained

Things take a turn when Ellie discovers that David was previously married to a woman named Deborah, who shared a startling resemblance to Ellie.

They divorced due to his anger issues, but it didn’t end there. She and her fiancé were later killed in a grisly home invasion; this was just months before he emerged into Ellie’s life again.

She becomes convinced that David is extremely dangerous and subsequently warns Courtney that her life’s in danger. Sadly, she doesn’t heed the warning, only believing her when she finds pictures of Ellie in David’s phone. However, it’s too late and he catches her, hits her and flees. Ellie and officials arrive and find that Courtney will be okay, but she then reveals all to Marcus.

A day later, David’s body is discovered after his suicide, although they’re not completely certain it’s him until the DNA test results confirm it. On the other hand, we learn that it isn’t his body and he’s terrorising Ellie’s family at home, killing her daughter’s boyfriend.

Ellie returns home swiftly after finding her secretary dead at the office; she and Marcus try their best to escape, heading to the cliff where David later falls from.

Fast forward two months down the line, the couple are moving back to the city and Brittany goes back to college.

Happy ending? Well, not exactly.

The overarching question is this: Is David actually dead? The man is incredibly cunning and resourceful, which is what makes him such a threat. Indeed, he has already faked his death and perhaps he was able to do it again.

Nevertheless, the point the film may be making is that it doesn’t matter if he’s alive or not because the threat still looms over Ellie regardless. His impact on her life will still haunt her, which has perhaps compelled her to relocate too.

David may die, but the threat he represents will linger long after.

By ending on this note, we have somewhat of a resolution. On the other hand, if the viewing figures suggest the film is a triumph, we could see David pull another fast one on us and stalk Ellie in the city.

Audiences offer praise

A number of viewers have already flocked to Twitter to recommend Fatal Affair to their followers.

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