DigDat, whose real name is Darren Diggs, is a UK rapper, known most famously for his single ‘Air Force.’

His songs regularly feature lyrics about his time in jail, which Bouncer recently confirmed in an MLC podcast.

Fans are wondering why DigDat went to jail and how long he was in prison for. Read on to find out more!

Why did DigDat go to jail?

Bouncer mentioned DigDat’s jail time in his new podcast, explaining:

“He went to jail for a long time, he went when he was thirteen. All jokes aside, he’s gone through trauma, I can see that.”

According to the podcast, DigDat allegedly went to jail at the age of 13 years old and was released after five years.

His experience in jail is well-documented in many of his songs. For example in his song Air Force, where the lyrics state:

“What you know about sitting in jail. And you feel like the pillow’s giving you spots? Come a long way from sitting in my cell.”

The exact reason for DigDat’s sentence has not been confirmed by the artist.

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Who is DigDat?

DigDat is a 20-year-old rapper from Lewisham who began rapping in 2017, and achieved recognition with his single ‘Air Force’.

His debut album was released January 2020 and featured artists such as Aitch, K Trap, Tee Grizzley, amongst others.

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