Jenna Phillips is a puppy impersonator with over 100 thousand TikTik followers, and an extremely popular Only Fans page.

Going by the username ‘yourpuppygirljenna’, the 21 year old has turned pretending to be a puppy into her main source of income.

While most people love dogs, Jenna, from Austin Texas, has a much stronger connection to the animals, saying that she has always felt ‘like a dog.’

Who is Jenna Phillips?

Jenna Phillips runs a successful OnlyFans page, as well as a TikTok page, where she pretends to be a puppy.

Originally an optician, Jenna quit her day job to pursue Only Fans full time, where she makes six figures a month.

The 21 year old told Unilad:

“When it comes to pet play, the majority of girls do kittens, foxes or rabbits and the majority of puppies are men. I thought about it for a long time when I first got into pet play. I feel like a dog [so that’s what I decided to be].”

How much does Jenna Phillips charge for her Only Fans?

Jenna Phillips charges $20 a month to see her uncensored content, where she pretends to be a dog.

She said:

“There has been a big surge in my followers since I moved to doing puppy play content.The majority of the puppy community is for gay men. Whenever I went shopping for the gear, it was only really for men.”

Jenna further explained:

“I thought screw it, why don’t I create the market? I know there’s a demand for it so why don’t I supply it?It’s now my full time job. My revenue has increased 100 times since I moved to puppy play content. I’m making six figures monthly.”

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