The Secret She Keeps arrived on BBC One and iPlayer on July 6th and fans have plenty of questions including just who is the character of Nicky?

While we’re starting to see more and more repeats appear on our screens, the BBC has impressively managed to keep new content arriving on their TV schedules.

The latest addition to BBC One and iPlayer is The Secrets She Keeps, an Australian drama which arrived on July 6th.

The Secrets She Keeps tells the story of two women, Agatha and Meghan, who come from hugely different backgrounds but share the fact that they are both (apparently) pregnant.

In episode 1, we’re briefly introduced to the character of Nicky, but just who is he and what’s his relationship with Agatha?

The Secrets She Keeps: Trailer | BBC Trailers

The Secrets She Keeps: Trailer | BBC Trailers

The Secrets She Keeps on BBC One

The Secrets She Keeps arrived on BBC One at 9pm on July 6th.

The series, which is also available on BBC iPlayer in-full, tells the stories of two women, Agatha and Meghan, who are from hugely different backgrounds.

Both of them are heavily pregnant when we first meet them and just happen to share very similar due dates.

The series, which is based on the Michael Robotham novel of the same name, takes a dramatic turn, however, when it’s revealed that Agatha’s baby bump is not what it seems.


Who is Nicky in The Secrets She Keeps?

  • Nicky is Agatha’s ex-husband in The Secrets She Keeps.

While it’s never explicitly revealed who Nicky is to Agatha in the early episodes of The Secrets She Keeps, the series does offer up enough info in episode 1 for us to work out just what their relationship is before later episodes explain their relationship more thoroughly.

Our first hint comes in the credits of the first episode as they’re both shown to have the same surname, Fyfle.

This would leave us with a few options; they could be family members (father and daughter or brother and sister) or potentially husband and wife.

The sibling relationship is discarded almost straight away as Nicky refers to Agatha’s mother as “your mother” rather than “our mother” and the possibility of Nicky being Agatha’s father is also a non-starter as we do see Agatha’s parents in a flashback scene in a later episode.


This leaves the only logical conclusion being that they’re husband and wife, or at least they used to be.

We quickly learn that Agatha’s history with children and giving birth has been less than successful and so it’s entirely possible that her fragile mental state left their relationship on the rocks after losing their baby.

When they first meet in episode 1, Nicky says that they always meet up on the same day each year, which is likely to be their anniversary or a similarly important date.


Who plays Nicky in The Secrets She Keeps?

  • Nicky is played by Richard Sydenham in The Secret She Keeps.

The Australian actor will be most recognisable for his roles in the long-running soap Home and Away, Wonderland and 2003’s The Matrix Revolutions where he plays a Dock Sergeant.

The Secrets She Keeps, which features Richard Sydenham as Nicky, continues weekly on Mondays and Tuesdays on BBC One until July 21st while the six-episode series is available to watch now on BBC iPlayer.