It’s has been over one year since fans saw a new One Punch Man episode, with many now becoming frustrated with the lack of information on season 3.

There aren’t many anime franchises more popular or successful than One Punch Man.

Ever since its anime debuted in 2015, it has dominated the mediascape and community and season 2 only served to further the hype.

However, season 2 concluded back in 2019. Nearly one year later, fans are still wondering if and when round 3 of the anime will premiere.

Will there be a season 3 of One Punch Man?

  • At the time of writing, One Punch Man has not been officially renewed by the show’s creators, nor has the anime been shelved completely.

It’s as it sounds, nothings been confirmed regarding season 3 of One Punch Man and there is a lot of fan speculation but nothing official – irritating, I know. However, fans can definitely expect a third season of the anime to be produced at some point in the future.

One Punch Man is not only incredibly popular with fans across the world, but it is a very lucrative franchise from a business standpoint. I would say that over the past two years, I have seen more OPM merchandise than any other anime series aside from JoJo maybe.

Plus, the show’s creators did actually post to Twitter after the season 2 finale saying that: “The second term has reached the final round, but ‘One Punch Man’ will not end!” This is essentially a confirmation that the showrunners want the anime to continue.

Personally, I think that an official confirmation for a third season will wait until some artwork or even a reveal trailer for season 3 are ready, although this may be some months away still.

When will OPM season 3 release?

  • With no official confirmation that the anime will return, there is no information available as to when we could expect it to drop.

Unfortunately, trying to predict a release date for the third season of One Punch Man (assuming renewal) is proving to be quite tricky, with the issue here being source material. Seasons 1 and 2 covered 16 of the 21 manga volumes that were available at the time of airing, meaning the upcoming season only has 5 copies to use.

A normal anime season here would need approximately 8 volumes to make a fleshed-out instalment, so the One Punch Man anime creators are most likely going to wait until a few more issues of the manga are released.

Again, the problem with this is that we don’t know when the issues will be released. All-in-all, an optimistic prediction for a season 3 release date would be mid-2021, but a more realistic approximation would be early-2022.

What is the plot for season 3?

The conclusion of season 2 was brilliant and has left a lot of opportunities available for the show’s creators to explore the Monster Association storyline.

According to rumours, the next arc will follow the Monster Association in more depth, although we the expectation of more S-Class heroes, I’d say it’s going to be all action going forward.

We will get a helping hand with predicting the plot for season 3 when the manga issues are released. However, fans of the anime won’t want the story spoiled – so make sure not to share potential spoilers.

We will bring you updates on season 3 of One Punch Man as and when information is confirmed.  

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