A certain sticker has caused some huge controversy online, and social media users can’t believe that it actually got approved and posted onto the site.

Instagram has many great features to make your Instagram Stories really stand out. You can add a song, a location, a poll or even a countdown to a specific event.

But one of the most popular features are stickers. These little symbols or phrases are used by people all around the world to jazz up their stories.

Instagram says “you can add stickers to express yourself in fun and unique ways”, but one certain sticker has been causing a lot of issues recently after people deem it as ‘racist’.

Photo Illustration by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

Instagram’s Mute White People sticker causes controversy

American commentator Katie Pavlich took to her Twitter account yesterday to reveal something very strange that she had found on Instagram.

Whilst using the social media app, she found a certain sticker existed that could be deemed as very controversial. The sticker is one of Instagram’s GIPHY icons that users can put onto their Instagram stories.

It’s a blue box with a picture of a speaker and the words ‘mute white people’ written in bold white letters, but it seems to have now been deleted from Instagram.

After the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis earlier this year, issues of race have been at the forefront of social media, and many would deem this sticker to be unacceptable.

The sticker wasn’t actually created by Instagram

Instagram’s stickers aren’t actually made by the social media app itself, with other companies creating them and having their own set of stickers for people to use.

The sticker in question was uploaded by Refinery29, an entertainment new website owned by Vice which is aimed at young women. Refinery29 have a whole range of different stickers, and this was the only controversial one.

However, Instagram do say that they have a strict process of approving the stickers that get posted onto the site.

Social media users aren’t happy

After seeing the sticker on their Instagram, many people took to social media to express their disgust.

It’s clear that Refinery29 most likely didn’t mean to cause so much uproar with the sticker, the intention probably being that we should ‘mute white people’ in order to amplify black voices.

However, the sticker certainly came across the wrong way, and rather than supporting the Black Lives Matter movement it actually caused even more issues surrounding race.

One social media user argued that it certainly seems like “discrimination based on the colour of one’s skin”.

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