It was recently taken off but when is Derry Girls season 2 coming back to Netflix? Audiences are annoyed with its removal.

The 2010s was a divine decade for television, there’s no denying it.

From Game of Thrones to Fleabag, all tastes were catered for and in recent years we’ve had many argue that we’re living in the golden age of TV…

Can’t really argue with that!

One of many gems to reach our screens was Derry Girls.

Created by Lisa McGee and arriving in 2018, the series whisked audiences back to 1990s Northern Ireland, introducing them to a host of wonderful characters.

The second season surfaced in 2019 and delivered on the promise of the first. It’s effortlessly rewatchable, but not on Netflix it isn’t…

still from “Derry Girls”, Hat Trick Productions

Netflix: When is Derry Girls season 2 coming back?

  • As of yet, the date is uncertain. However, the official Netflix UK and Ireland page has tweeted saying “we’ll let you know when it’s coming back as soon as we can.”

Explaining the reason for its removal, they noted that Netflix had simply made it available at the wrong time: “It looks like we were a bit early with this one so have had to take season two down for now.”

Netflix themselves haven’t offered an explanation, but the one offered on Twitter suffices.

Fortunately, it’s available to stream elsewhere…

Derry Girls season 2: Where to watch

You can catch Derry Girls season 2 over on All 4.

So, it’s not exactly hard to tune into! Nevertheless, some audiences found it really convenient having both seasons in one place.

Some have headed to Twitter to voice their frustration. Check out a selection of tweets:

What’s happening with season 3?

The Radio Times notes that Channel 4 renewed Derry Girls for a third season in April.

They were actually due to begin filming this month but the pandemic has essentially forced film and TV production to a standstill.

The source notes that Nicola Coughlan (Clare actress) recently spoke out about production on a podcast:

“We were meant to start filming around now. It was mad because when this all started, I think your brain makes assumptions to make you feel better, like ‘it’ll just be a month, it’ll be fine’. But filming has been put on hold for now which sucks, and we’re all really excited to go back and start again and see the scripts because we actually haven’t…”

She added: “We’ve all been in contact with one another and just seeing how we’re getting on… we’re close and we share that bond with one another.”

We’re sure it’ll be worth the wait.

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