Fans are confused after Nessa Barrett unfollowed fellow star Mads Lewis. So, what happened?

Social media is very different from previous years as content creators often make headlines for various reasons.

There have been numerous clashes and feuds between online influencers leaving followers divided and baffled.

Now, fans are worried about Mads and Nessa’s alleged fallout following another social media drama.

Mads Lewis, YouTube

Who is Mads Lewis?

Mads is a social media star who rose to fame with her TikTok channel.

She boasts a fan base of 9 million followers on the site, while she has more than 4 million fans on Instagram.

She also has a YouTube channel, though Mads hasn’t posted any new videos in the last few months.

Moreover, Mads is known for portraying Birdie Kaye on the online series Chicken Girls.

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What happened with Mads and Nessa?

The reason that fans are questioning “What happened with Mads” is because Nessa no longer follows her on social media.

Nessa has unfollowed Mads on Instagram and deleted their mutual pictures on her own Insta profile.

Twitter users claim that their friendship was affected following the drama between Nessa and Chase Hudson.

However, Mads is still following Nessa on Instagram and hasn’t taken down their pictures together.

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Fans have shared further speculations following one of Nessa’s tweets which said: “a true friend. yes a blessing. also something you never were.”

Nessa’s original tweet is no longer available after the TikTok star received criticism from her followers.

In addition, it appears that Nessa has deleted her previous posts on Twitter as they are not visible at the time of writing.

Twitter reactions

Fans are concerned about Mads and Nessa’s friendship and many have said to not attack any of them without knowing the full story.

While it’s not clear what’s going on behind the scenes, people hope the two TikTok stars resolve their problems at some point. At the end of the day, they are two friends like everyone else.

Check out more reactions below.

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