Some strange things have done the rounds online recently. But the latest craze to get people talking is the cake meme on Twitter.

And although you might have been worried or baffled at the sight of a knife heading towards a dog of toilet roll, it’s actually a piece of art.

Talented bakers have been showing off their insane skills at making extremely realistic cakes.

Everything from household objects to animals and savoury foods have been turned into a baking delight to marvel at.

Photo by MOHD RASFAN/AFP via Getty Images

What is the cake meme on Twitter?

The cake meme is when an ordinary looking object turns out to actually be made of cake. 

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Hundreds of bakers have shared examples on Twitter tricking people into thinking what looks normal is actually sponge and icing. 

In one crazy example which now has more than 1.3million views what looked like a snoozing dog actually turned out to be cake.

During the video a knife carved out a portion of the head – including a floppy ear – revealing it was a baking creation.

Why are people cutting up crocs and toilet paper?

Well, they’re not really. These are some of the super realistic examples of cakes being shared for the cake meme on Twitter.

In another wild video by The Bake King what looks like a packet of raw chicken turns out to actually be cake.

This baker even went as far to present the ‘chicken cakes’ in a plastic container and make them look slimy on top.

People on Twitter loved this cake meme, with one saying it was so good it was ‘disturbing’.

Are realistic cakes a big business?

Some bakers have thousands of followers for their realistic cakes.

Luke Vincentini is one of these talented people whose creations include what looks at first to be a plant pot, roll of sushi or Rubik’s cube.

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Just yesterday he shared a compilation video of his trickster cakes. This included one which looked like a packet of Doritos – madness!

He wrote: “The Great Cake Hoax of 2020. Love to see it.”

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