The streaming service is great for documentaries, but is Spaceship Earth on Netflix UK? Here’s how to watch the acclaimed 2020 film.

In the last few years, there has arguably been a bigger demand for documentary work than any other time in recent memory.

This thirst for knowledge has helped facilitate more content and we’ve seen some absolutely phenomenal films and shows recently, from Tell Me Who I Am to American Factory.

We’ve seen some notable efforts in 2020 too, including Crip Camp, Miss Americana, Beastie Boys Story and the Netflix sensation Tiger King.

Nevertheless, we’re here to highlight the latest to attract attention.

still from “Spaceship Earth”, Impact Partners et al.

Spaceship Earth

Matt Wolf’s 2020 documentary film invites audiences to take a look at the 1991 experiment which saw eight people quarantined in a replica of Earth’s ecosystem.

This self-engineered space was called Biosphere 2 and the film blends archive footage and modern interviews to paint a fascinating portrait of what transpired and what it taught us.

The experiment of sorts was established to help determine how human existence would be established on other planets. However, it raises a wealth of thematic questions and pressing concerns, making for fascinating viewing.

It was praised by a number of critics, but here’s how to see what you think….

Is Spaceship Earth on Netflix UK? How to watch

  • No, Spaceship Earth isn’t available to stream on Netflix in the UK. However, it is available to stream elsewhere.

You can access the documentary over on YouTube!

However, it costs a few quid, with the standard definition version available for just £2.99; the HD version is £3.99.

These are the rental prices but you can also purchase it from £7.99, with the HD costing £9.99.

So, it’s pretty easy to watch if you’re eager to check it out; select cinemas are also screening it.

Mark Nelson reflects

In an interview with The Guardian, one of the original eight Biospherians – Mark Nelson – opened up about the experience:

“Inside Biosphere 2, everything made sense. Everything you did, you could see the impact of it. No anonymous actions. It was like my body suddenly got the message: every time you breathe, these plants are waiting for your CO2. They are your third lung. I thought, ‘My God, this is keeping me alive! I am absolutely metabolically connected to the life here.’”

We hope you enjoy the film!

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