Addison Rae’s Instagram live with Kio Cyr has resurfaced as fans notice a hickey on her neck.

Addison Rae has finally returned to social media after the backlash from an old anti-Black Lives Matter post, while pregnancy rumours swirl.

Addison boasts millions of followers on all of her social media platforms – she reached 50 million followers on TikTok just yesterday, making her the second most followed user, behind Charli D’Amelio.

A hickey on Instagram live?

Talk on the star continues as an Instagram live with fellow TikTokker Kio Cyr from December 2019 has resurfaced where Cyr can be heard whispering to Rae, “Is that a hickey? You have a hickey on your neck”.

Addison responds by gasping and immediately leaves the camera frame, where she whispers, “f***ing Bryce!”, and quickly grabs her concealer to cover up the mark.

She makes the excuse, “OK, I’m going to get my Postmates!”

Addison eventually returns to the screen with her hair down, meaning that she had given up on the concealer and uses her hair to cover up the hickey.

Her relationship with Sway House member Bryce Hall was seemingly confirmed in a recent TikTok post, where they share a kiss, though at the time of the Instagram Live, they denied their links.

Later on in the video, the star is caught telling Kio, “say the n-word”, which he replies “no!”, followed by Addison saying “im kidding, someone said that…”

Reactions from fans

Many fans were convinced she told him to say the racial slur to distract from her hickey, but some had come to defend her.

They claim that she asked him “did you say the n-word?”, while others state that she was just reading a comment.

Whatever the truth is, this is not mixing well with her most recent BLM controversy.

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